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Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Mohammed A.Q. Siddiqui (UNSW)


Dr Siddiqui research centers on theoretical development of multiphysics thermodynamics models. He is highly skilled in thermodynamics and continuum mechanics and their general applications in geomechanics.

Ph.D. students

Muhammad Asad Pirzada


Asad's research focuses on the effects of multiphysical forces on the frictional properties of fractures in sedimentary rocks. His work specifically includes the effect of mechanical shearing on reactive fluid flow in the fractures. 

Muath Algazlan


Muath's research focuses on THMC theoretical and experimental modelling of  sorptive organic rich shales. He is skilled in petrophsyical measurements of organic rich shales and has extensive experience in experimental investigation of organic rich shales.

Mobarekeh Mohammadpour

Mobarakeh (1).HEIC

Mobarakeh's research focuses on characterization of rock and coal mechanical properties. She investigates the application of Data Science and Big Data analysis to extract relationship between rock mechanical properties and geophysical data.

Linan Su


Linan's research interest centers on gas adsorption and desorption induced mechanical properties changes in coal. His study includes theoretical, experimental and numerical development to evaluate the poromechanical response of coal saturated with a sorbing fluid phase.

Umar Farooq


Umar's research focus is on thermodynamic incorporation of creep mechanisms under sorptive conditions in organic rich shales. He works on experimental determination and validation of complex sorption-influenced viscoelastic thermodynamic response coefficients. 

Atefeh Dargahizarandi


Atefeh research work involves developing advanced Finite Element numerical solvers to model stress variation in rock mass containing different scale fractures.

Vahid Azamipour


Vahid’s research centres on developing a physical driven constitutive model based on damage mechanics to capture the real behaviour of brittle rocks. To determine the damage evolution, a combined X-ray micro-CT imaging and Ultrasonic measurement is used. 

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