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Latest Publications:


Non-equilibrium thermodynamics approach to mass transport in sorptive dual continuum porous media: A theoretical foundation and numerical simulation

MA Aghighi, A Lv, H Roshan

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 87, 103757

Digital and experimental rock analysis of proppant injection into naturally fractured coal

HL Ramandi, MA Pirzada, S Saydam, C Arns, H Roshan

Fuel 286, 119368

Fracture propagation mode of coal under indirect tensile stresses

M Serati, H Roshan, A Mirzaghorbanali, M El-Amin Mahmoud, T Valluru

University of Wollongong/University of Southern Queensland

Configurational diffusion transport of water and oil in dual continuum shales

MAQ Siddiqui, F Salvemini, HL Ramandi, P Fitzgerald, H Roshan

Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-17

A novel experimental system for measurement of coupled multi-physics-induced surface alteration processes in geomaterials

MAQ Siddiqui, A Lv, K Regenauer-Lieb, H Roshan

Measurement 166, 108211

The Dynamic Evolution of Permeability in Compacting Carbonates: Phase Transition and Critical Points

X Chen, K Regenauer-Lieb, A Lv, M Hu, H Roshan

Transport in Porous Media 135 (3), 687-711

The dynamic evolution of compaction bands in highly porous carbonates: the role of local heterogeneity for nucleation and propagation

X Chen, H Roshan, A Lv, M Hu, K Regenauer-Lieb

Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 7 (1), 1-19

Cross-Diffusion Waves as a trigger for Multiscale, Multi-Physics Instabilities: Theory

AJ Klaus Regenauer-Lieb, Manman Hu, Christoph Schrank, Xiao Chen, Santiago ...

Solid Earth Discussion 46

Cross-Diffusion Waves as a trigger for multiscale, multiphysics Instabilities: Application to earthquakes

K Regenauer-Lieb, M Hu, C Schrank, X Chen, SP Clavijo, U Kelka, ...

Solid Earth Discussions, 1-44

Evaluation of Progressive Damage in Barre Granite using Ultrasonic Velocity Tomography and Digital Image Correlation

A Butt, A Hedayat, E Tudisco, H Roshan

54th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium

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