Projects and Sponsors

Australian Research Council Discovery Project

o    Quantification of Multiphysics phenomena of Gas flow in organic rich shales.

o    Multiphysics instabilities during diagenesis of shale gas reservoirs.

Australian Coal Industry Research Program

o    Development of a methodology for efficient design of the pattern of drainage holes based on stress variation and gas flow behaviour in coal seams, Australian Coal Industry Research Program.

o    Parenting Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR) and numerical modelling for optimum characterisation of rock mass, Australian Coal Industry Research Program.

o    Advances in sonic logs to predict the stress re-distribution in coal strata as a result of degassing/dewatering, Australian Coal Industry Research Program.

Goverment funding

o    Deployment of Silica Gels for Improved CO2 Containment and Risk Mitigation, Coal Innovation NSW.

o    Permeability Testing of Sediment Cores (using geo-centrifuge technique), State Government (WA), Department of Water.

o    Shale gas development challenges in Australia, CSIRO.

o    The fate of hydraulic fracturing fluid in shale Reservoirs, Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering.

Indutry funding

o    New effective stress law for coal: experimental, theoretical and numerical development, Henan Fossil Fuel.

o    Biot coefficient of shaly sandstones, Golder Associate.

o    Sorption induced damage in coals, SCT Company.

o    Productivity optimization of tight formations by multi-technique approach, INPEX Cooperation.

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