Field Equipment

As part of CWI Research Group, we have access to a wide range of field equipment for geophysical investigations including:

Downhole Geophysics

Geovista 4-arm Caliper and borehole Verticality Sondes

Geovista Dual Induction conductivity and Dual Guard Focused Resistivity Sondes

Digital downhole Geophone system

ORYX Distributed Temperature Sensing

Geovista Gamma Ray (bulk) and Gamma Ray (spectral) Sondes

Geovista Sonic Sonde

Geovista downhole Camera System

Surface Geophysics

Seismic survey (Abem Terraloc Pro)

Ground Penetration Radar Equipment

Gravity meter (Scintrex CG-5 autograv portable gravity meter)

Electrical Resistivity Imaging (Abem Terrameter LS)

Trimble R8 differential GPS system

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