Hamid Roshan

Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

Experimental & Numerical Geomechaics

Geophysics and Geology

Mohammad Ali Aghighi

Martin Andersen

Emad Sadeghinezhad

Computational Methods


Fluid Mechanics and CFD


Mojtaba Bahaaddini

Hossein Masoumi

Frictional Mechanics

(Sebbatical visitor)

Experimental Rock

Mechanics, Monash


PhD Students

Adelina Lv

Adel research area is focused on constitutive modelling of coal and its relation to acoustic measurements. She is experienced in theoretical development of constitutive models and has extensive skills in mechanical and ultrasonic measurements of rocks.

Mohammed Siddiqui

Mohammad research focuses on hydration induced stress/strain in shales due to hydraulic fracturing fluid uptake due to multiphysical forces. His study covers a wide range of novel theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations to assess the interactions between shale and fracturing fluids.

Asad Pirzada

Asad research focuses on the effects of multiphysical forces on the frictional properties of fractures in sedimentary rocks. His work specifically includes the effect of mechanical shearing on reactive fluid flow in the fractures. 

Xiao Chen

Xiao research interest centres on application of imaging techniques to identify the role of compaction bands on permeability evolution of porous rocks. He is skilled in pore scale numerical simulation of coupled fluid flow-geomechanics.

Muath Algazlan

Muath research focuses on THMC theoretical and experimental modelling of organic rich shale samples by sorbing gases. He is skilled in petrophsyical measurements of organic rich shales and has extensive experience in experimental investigation of reactive shales.

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