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Advanced geomechanical testing

We can perform high pressure and high temperature uniaxial and triaxial compressive testing on rock type materials. Our systems allow for elevating and maintaining sample temperature while measuring permeability, and active and passive acoustic responses during triaxial testing. Pore pressure and sorption experiments can be also performed.

We have X-ray transparent triaxial system that can apply constant load and constant displacement on rock samples during imaging. The system can also elevate and maintain the temperature and measure permeability and ultrasonic responses during triaxial testing while being imaged.

Flow enabled and temperature controlled  triaxial system


Ultrasonic, flow enabled and temperature controlled

X-ray transparent triaxial system


We have well-equipped laboratory to conduct research on joints/fractures. Our direct shear equipment include a large scale direct shear machine, high precision large scale surface profiling and X-ray transparent direct shear system. Our X-ray transparent direct shear system can measure the frictional properties while being continually 3D imaged. The system temperature can also be elevated and maintained and permeability can be measured continually during shearing.

Surface profiling system


X-ray transparent direct shear system

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