We conduct research on complex multi-physics problems aiming to theoretically explain, numerically model, and experimentally validate various coupled processes in geomaterials.

Novel and innovative solutions to geo-engineering problems

Contact angle setup
Contact angle setup

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Dr. Hamid setting up the experiment
Dr. Hamid setting up the experiment

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Xiao working in the lab
Xiao working in the lab

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Research Applications

  • Quick-release triaxial cell

  • X-ray transparent triaxial cell

  • Micro-shear cell interferometry

  • Coupled geo-mechanical testing

  • Imaging techniques

  • Petrophysics measurements

  • Field equipment

  • Reservoir geomechanics

  • Field characterization and modelling

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Data analytics solutions

  • Near borehole geomechanics

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Geo-research Lab is operating in limited capacity in accordance with COVID-19 regulations. Please contact Dr. Hamid Roshan to discuss access to the lab and its equipment.